Fuyao Workers Forward

We are workers at the Fuyao Glass plant in Moraine, OH, who are joining together to make positive changes at our plant—one of the largest glass plants in the world. When Fuyao announced in 2015 that it would locate in the Dayton area, our community was excited. People here need good jobs, and we were hopeful that Fuyao could provide them. Ohio taxpayers have pledged $22 million in subsidies to support these new jobs. But the reality is, jobs at Fuyao haven’t lived up to the hype. Many jobs in the plant leave workers like us struggling to make ends meet. There have been numerous safety problems at the plant, and many of us feel we aren’t treated with dignity and respect by management. We believe Fuyao can do better. That’s why we’re joining together to form our union with the United Auto Workers.


Are you ready to take action?

Take a stand and help the labor force of Fuyao Glass choose UAW as our Union, and we will seek official recognition through a fair process.